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Gallerie is the management collaboration between independent record label owner, Jeff Bratton, and music lawyer Matt Cuttler.

Colin Self

Colin Self is a composer and choreographer based in Berlin. They create music, performance and environments for expanding consciousness, troubling binaries and boundaries of perception and communication. Their recent work, The Elation Series, is a six-part sequential opera about queer family and global transfiguration. In 2015 they released their debut solo record Elation and toured with Radiohead as part of the Holly Herndon trio. Self has presented work at The Dutch National Opera, HAU Berlin, The New Museum, MoMA PS1, The Kitchen NYC, Issue Project Room, amongst various other festivals and venues internationally.

Self is a Rhizome Commission Grant recipient for their video project ClumpTV, a Queer Art Mentorship Fellow, and was an Eyebeam Resident in 2016. They are a co-founder of queer collective Chez Deep, and The Radical Diva Grant, and are a vocalist for the electronic duo Amnesia Scanner. Self's work, The Fool, was co-created with Raul De Nieves and presented at The Kitchen NYC. Their latest opera, Siblings, premiered at Donau Festival in Krems, Austria and MoMA PS1 in New York. Self releases music on RVNG Intl.

Com Truise

Com Truise is the nom de guerre of producer and designer Seth Haley, raised in upstate NY and currently working out of LA. His synth and sci-fi-obsessed records are as infectious as they are expansive. From his breakout EP in 2010, Cyanide Sisters, to his first LP for Ghostly in 2011, Galactic Melt, and his numerous records, remixes and collections to follow, Com Truise has refined his singular style of melodic beat music. Each piece ties together his ideas of synth-wave and slow-motion funk amidst a glowing backdrop of rich, nostalgic pathos.

Though undoubtedly influenced by his parents' record collections and old, faded product design, the Com Truise project doesn't only pull from the past. Hints of Joy Division, New Order and Cocteau Twins bubble up in every prismatic piece, but it's as if they're processed through a waterlogged game console — warped, cybernetic and high-definition. Uniquely, Com Truise sounds both familiar and uncanny, and always handmade.


Eartheater distills experimental digital production, a three-octave vocal range, and classical composition into works suspended between obsessively detailed sonic tapestries and almost recklessly romantic and gestural electronica. A body of viscerally emotive live performance stands alongside her recorded output, realized by her fearless physical investment and gut-wrenching vocal sincerity.

Drewchin made her full-length debut as Eartheater in 2015, releasing two consecutive albums — Metalepsis, followed by RIP Chrysalis. She then signed to PAN, who released her album, IRISIRI, in 2018. Following IRISIRI, Eartheater released a mixtape titled Trinity on her own imprint Chemical X. Her latest album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, launched on PAN in fall of 2020. 

In addition to her own project, Eartheater has collaborated with artists from Grimes and Caroline Polachek to LSDXOXO and Yung Kayo. She also composed original work for the contemporary orchestra Alarm Will Sound, and has walked in runway shows for Mugler, Barragán, and Puppets & Puppets. Her music has been used by Mugler, Chanel, Proenza Schouler, Acne Studios and more. 

Hayden Dunham (Hyd)

Hayden Dunham (Hyd) is a multimedia artist perhaps best known for their work with the controversial project QT they created alongside SOPHIE and A. G. Cook. In addition to music under their Hyd moniker, Dunham’s work bridges performance, sound and sculpture – assemblages that move from terrestrial to the synthetic, tracking the flow of energy through states of materiality. Dunham has designed experiential works comprising malleable and ethereal materials – silicon, chlorophyll, glass, steam, sound, performance, vapor, light, porcelain, metal, silk and GEL, a substance created by Dunham that appears in liquid and breathing forms. Analogously, Dunham’s practice is both concealed and alive, occasionally rupturing and opening in on itself.

Dunham’s artwork has been shown at MoMA PS1, New Museum, Foundation Louis Vuitton, the Barbican, the Bass Museum, Perez Art Museum Miami among others, while their music has been performed in clubs and at festivals around the world. 

Hyd's new EP for PC Music brings together a collective of close friends and frequent co-lab-orators, including A. G. Cook, Caroline Polachek, umru, and Nomak. The music explores what it means to move between forms, inheriting one shape while transforming into another.

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